4 Popular International Universities for Irish Students

The United Kingdom has traditionally been at the top of the list for thousands of Irish college hopefuls. However, the advent of Brexit has resulted in more students looking to Europe. Many prestigious schools offer English-taught classes, affordable tuition, easier entry requirements and distinguished programs. Here are a few recommendations for Irish students who wish to attend third-level courses outside the jurisdiction.

  • Warsaw University, Poland. The application process is simple and straightforward. An entrance exam may be required. Many courses are taught in English, and Polish language classes are offered. Many Irish students attend, which can make homesickness less severe.
  • The University of Groningen, The Netherlands. There is no ‘point system’ for most programs. This results in students studying whatever subject they choose, providing their second level qualification is acceptable.
  • Semmelweis University, Budapest. Entrance interviews are challenging, but Budapest is a less expensive place to live than Dublin, and the transportation system is extensive. While the lecturing standard can be lower, it is a five to six-year commitment.
  • Australian National University, Canberra. The quality of education and lifestyle offered in Australia make it a popular destination for Irish postgraduate students. Course length is similar to that in the UK and may be taught in a similar fashion. This makes the international transition more comfortable for many students.

Irish students that are self-sufficient typically flourish while studying abroad. They often gain confidence and improved self-esteem, which may be an attractive addition to the skill-set for many employers. As the reality Brexit sets in, students moving farther abroad are reaping the benefits.