Hanlon Ltd. was established in the year 1845 and is one of the longest standing food supply companies in Ireland. Hanlon started as a small, humble food store catering to the residents of Dublin. Hanlon quickly developed and gained a reputation not only in Dublin, but across other cities as well, and people started relying on Hanlon for fresh food for their family. Since then, Hanlon has continued its expansion, and has developed and maintained its reputation as one of the most reliable and best vendors in Ireland.

With a focus on fresh fish, game and frozen food, Hanlon prides itself on the best possible quality ingredients and food products. Hanlon is notorious for its Irish smoked salmon, with a website dedicated entirely to this amazing food product. The salmon is oak smoked and orders can be customized according to your needs and preferences. In an effort to help customers easily access their favorite oak smoked salmon, Hanon has made it available to order online thereby saving time and hassle.

Hanlon is based out of Dublin but reaches across the world as a result of their fleet of vehicles equipped with the most up to date and modern refrigeration technology. Customers can expect quick delivery no matter where they live.

Chef Hanlon is an additional service that Hanlon offers to its commercial and residential customers. Chef Hanlon helps take the stress out of gatherings and events by preparing fresh to order food that promises to satisfy the entire gathering. This service is available for delivery or pickup and includes food items such as finger foods, main courses, side dishes, salads and desserts. Customers can either order over phone or online and can customize their orders based on the size of their group.