Hanlon Dinner Ideas

Hanlon Dinner IdeasDinner tends to be the most social meal. Whether you live in Europe or in the USA, dinner is the meal that is best known for being shared with friends, family and loved ones. Hanlon values this time spent together and loves to be a part of it. Hanlon has found its way into gatherings and dinner tables across the globe. Hanlon offers their catering services, but to those who enjoy cooking and are looking for other delicious ways to feed their loved ones using Hanlon’s quality smoked salmon.

Here are some of his specials:

Hanlon’s smoked salmon makes a great standalone meal, if you add some veggies and potatoes; it is a simple and delicious way to enjoy a light and refreshing meal.

Hanlon’s smoked salmon can also make an amazing pasta dish. A smoked salmon carbonara is comforting, delicious and easy to make even for larger gatherings. With less than 10 ingredients, a smoked salmon carbonara is perfect for those cooks who fall anywhere between a beginner to master chefs. The sauce itself is made from cream, garlic, chives and eggs. Add some Hanlon’s smoked salmon to the sauce before pouring it over a generous portion of spaghetti noodles. This meal is simple to prepare and will be a crowd pleaser even among food critics.

If you are looking for other ways to bring Hanlon to dinner, try incorporating it into a side dish. Smoked salmon and potatoes go hand in hand, it is the Irish way. A baked potato is easy, hassle and mess free.

Hanlon’s smoked salmon can be added to your favorite potato or pasta bake recipe or you can also try something new like a dauphinoise, or perhaps a cold pasta salad for that summertime barbeque or get together.

The beauty of Hanlon’s smoked salmon is its diversity; it can be added to main dishes, side dishes, salads or enjoyed solo.