Hanlon Salmon Breakfast Ideas

Hanlon Salmon Breakfast IdeasSmoked salmon has gained a reputation as a breakfast or brunch food. Across the world, people are continuously finding new ways to incorporate this healthy sea food into their Sunday brunches.

One simple, yet delicious way to incorporate smoked salmon into your breakfast is to add it to your morning bagel with cream cheese. Hanlon smoked salmon’s salty and oaky taste compliments the creamy and tangy nature of the cream cheese on a freshly toasted bagel. Add capers to give it a salty finish that will leave you wanting for more.

Another idea for a delicious brunch is to make eggs benedict with Hanlon smoked salmon. Eggs benedict are favorite universal brunch, and adding smoked salmon will make guests, family and friends drool over your recipe. Homemade eggs benedict are, contrary to popular belief, relatively easy to prepare. First, make the hollandaise sauce which is simply lemon juice, egg yolks and vinegar whipped before adding butter while heating the mixture.

Then poach your eggs to your taste (soft, medium or hard) by cooking them in hot water for 4-6 minutes depending on how you enjoy your eggs. Finally, lightly toast your English muffins or toast before adding Hanlon smoked salmon. Add the eggs and sauce and you have a mouthwatering, tasty brunch for you and your family which is also healthy.

Finally, if you love traditional breakfasts, and eggs and bacon is more your style, you could try adding smoked salmon to your scrambled eggs for an interesting spin on a classic dish. Add smoked salmon and some parmesan cheese to your eggs they are being scrambled, and any other vegetables that you enjoy. The texture and flavor of Hanlon’s salmon will make the scrambled eggs come to life.

Smoked salmon is a great addition to your breakfast as it is not only tasty, but it will also add an extra boost of protein and Omega 3 to your breakfast to help you start your day properly.