Hanlon Salmon Lunch Ideas

Smoked Salmon is a diverse sea food that goes well with many flavors. It is great for lunch or even as a snack food as it is light, refreshing and a good mid-day pick me up meal.

Hanlon Salmon Lunch IdeasIf you are looking for a hearty lunch that will leave you satisfied and full, try adding smoked salmon to a savory tar. If you make a pie crust, it is basically a blank palette for your lunchtime creation. Consider filling it with Hanlon smoked salmon, fresh spinach and mustard. Another option is filling it with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and dill. Dill, potato and salmon tarts are another option for your flaky lunch pastry.

If soup is your thing, smoked salmon has found its way into many soup recipes. One worth trying and making is a creamy smoked salmon soup with leek and potatoes. It is easy to make, and extremely healthy. The soup’s base is simply stock vegetables and cream and the entire recipe is just under 10 ingredients. To make it yourself, look up the recipe online.

Hanlon smoked salmon can also be used to make traditional canapes and snacks by adding them to sandwich rolls on top of a pancake or toast.

Since Hanlon’s smoked salmon is a delicacy on its own and is a standalone dish, these are great lunchtime options that allow you room for some creativity to add capers, cream or dill, whatever makes your taste buds tingle. Hanlon’s oaky salmon also makes a great addition to a pate or dip. The Hanlon family recommends making a smoked salmon puree that incorporates dill and lemon. This is a light lunch or something to look forward to as an afternoon snack.

Smoked salmon will make your lunch exciting especially with the oaky and fresh flavors of Hanlon’s salmon. Whether you are eating at work, hosting friends or making lunch for your family, add Hanlon’s smoked salmon for both taste and nutritional benefits.