Hanlon’s Smoked Salmon

About Hanlon Smoked Salmon

salmonSince its debut in the year 1845, Hanlon has prided itself on preparation of the highest quality Irish oak smoked salmon. The quality, flavor and attention to detail have remained consistent over the course of last 170 years. The only difference is that Hanlon now offers its amazing salmon online, allowing customers on a national and international scale to access the delicious food. Prices online do include shipping and packaging, and Hanlon is happy to accommodate large orders over phone or in person.

Hanlon’s Gold Star

Hanlon is proud and honored to have received and awarded a Gold Star from the Guild of Fine Foods at the recent Great Food Awards. The Gold Star is more than just an award; it is a symbol of quality of the salmon that Hanlon produces. It is a reminder that Hanlon walks the walk and talks the talk. These awards are only awarded after thorough and rigorous tests conducted by a handpicked panel of experts consisting of chefs, clients, critics and deli owners. Hanlon deserves this award. It is important that Hanlon’s commitment to quality and their high standards are recognized on an international scale.

Hanlon Shipping

Customers who order Hanlon Salmon online can now track their packages through DHL Parcel Tracking List which can be accessed via DHL website. The shipping usually takes between 5 and 10 business days depending on the customer’s location and the size of order.

Prices listed on the site include shipping and packaging. Each individual product is vacuum sealed and placed in a box to ensure that the quality and freshness is maintained. DHL is used to ship packages to ensure a timely and efficient delivery, as customer service is Hanlon’s top priority.

Any issues that customers may have can be directed to Hanlon’s toll free number or can be voiced through email.