Where it all Began

fishThe Hanlon story dates back to the 1800’s and starts with two brothers. The Hanlon brothers; Michael and Paddy were fishermen in the small Irish town of Omeath, County Louth, a small town halfway between Belfast and Dublin. This town was no exception to the adversity that followed the popularity of potatoes and the perception that fish was not a real or proper food. These brothers decided to overcome this adversity and helped open the eyes of their peers, members of their community and nation at large to the taste and benefits of fish as food. Their passion for helping others to see and reap the benefits of fish led them to identify Pale as their target potential market.

After much deliberation, research, discussion and trials, 1845 was the year when the brothers decided to establish their fish stand. They concluded that Moore Street, in Dublin was the best place where they would see the most sales. This was, as they and everyone knew, was a risk which paid out a thousand folds over the coming years. This risk paid off as they started to develop a reputation across Dublin as a one source stop for top quality fishmongers. Their work was so well known and well received that they even received mention in James Joyce’s world renowned book Ulysses.

Over the last 170 years, their passion for fish has stayed alive and has been passed down through five Hanlon generations. Each of these generations have stayed true to the original – ‘hand fillet the freshest salmon, add a pinch of salt, a little smoke and let time take its time’ recipe.

The combination of genuine passion for fish, quality products and amazing customer service have made Hanlon an Irish staple and a household name on a national and increasingly internationally levels as well.